What is the Council of Chambers?

The recently formed Council of Chambers is a collection of Southern Nevada’s top business groups comprised of local chambers of commerce and the LVGEA. Currently, it is limited to the executive directors of the membership organizations in order to facilitate high-level strategy and planning.


Who is a part of the Council of Chambers?

Boulder City Chamber of Commerce, Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas Asian

Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA),

Latin Chamber of Commerce Nevada Inc., Urban Chamber of Commerce - Las Vegas


What does the Council do?

The Council is designed to increase collaboration and build consensus around high-level priorities affecting the business community in Southern Nevada.


What can we expect from the Council of Chambers in the future?

The Council meets on a bimonthly basis, sharing information regarding new events, policy matters affecting the business community at large and issues closely tied to economic development. Moving forward, the group plans to become more engaged in fostering regional consensus by working to align their various networks.


Why does Nevada need another business group?

The Council of Chambers is not just another business group, it’s a collection of top business leaders in Southern Nevada working together in concert like never before to help set a vision for the future. The Council is not a supplement to any one group, but rather a unified voice representing a diverse array of interests and community leaders.