The 2024 AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund

The AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund, made possible by the Grubhub Community Fund, is designed to benefit Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander-owned restaurants across the country. With the industry facing ongoing economic challenges, the AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund is available to help under-resourced restaurants respond to supply chain disruptions, increased inventory costs, workforce development, and safety for their employees.

Funding will allow AAPI restaurateurs to take their business to the next level through development ideas such as infrastructure improvements, e-commerce and technology, employee benefits, and operations streamlining. Ultimately, this will help AAPI entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, secure their futures, and give back to the life of their neighborhoods by fostering safe and enjoyable places to gather.

With over $5 million in funding awarded to 351 AAPI businesses over the past 3 years, the AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund and the Grubhub Community Fund continue to uplift the hard work and dedication of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander restaurant owners.

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