Nevada Statewide & Metro Area Labor Market Overview

In April 2023, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Nevada decreased by 0.1 percentage points and now sits at 5.4 percent. This figure is up from the 5.2 percent figure observed in April of 2022. The unadjusted unemployment rate was up slightly, moving from 5.6 percent to 5.7 percent. On the CES (Current Employment Statistics) side of things, Nevada saw a decrease in jobs equivalent to 2,900 over the month, adjusted. However, the unadjusted figure reflected an increase of 3,900 jobs.

This decrease in employment was specifically seen in the accommodation and food services industry. More specifically, in full-service restaurants and in food services and drinking places, which saw decreases in unemployment equal to 1,600 jobs and 1,200 jobs (respectively).

The Las Vegas MSA saw a decrease equivalent to 500 jobs over the month. Meanwhile, the Reno MSA saw no change in employment. Finally, the Carson City MSA saw a decrease of 200 jobs (-0.6%)
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