(NDOT) I-15 Tropicana Interchange Traffic Restrictions: 01.06.23

Good afternoon! The table below provides you with details about traffic restrictions associated with NDOT’s I-15/Tropicana Interchange reconstruction project planned for the next few weeks, as well as additional ongoing closures. Please respond to this email with any questions.

Traffic control operations are subject to change based on weather and other factors. Please visit www.i15trop.com for more information. Want to receive traffic control and other updates in real time? We’ve got an app for that! Visit the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and download the free i15Trop app today!

   I-15 & RAMPS
I-15 NB & SB
I-15 SB, Spring Mtn to Flamingo: 4 lanes openJanuary 12, 9pm-5am
I-15 & RAMPS
I-15 SB flyover ramp to Tropicana EB: 1 lane closedJanuary 8-12, 9pm-5am
I-15 SB auxiliary lane from Flamingo Rd to Tropicana Ave closed (ramps still open)Ongoing through February 2023, 24/7
Tropicana EB, Dean Martin to Tropicana I-15 SB ramps: 2 lanes closedNightly, January 8 -11, 9pm-5am
Tropicana EB, Polaris to Dean Martin: 1 lane closedNightly, January 8-12, 9pm-5am
Tropicana EB, Dean Martin to Las Vegas Blvd: 1 lane closedNightly, January 10 & 11, 9pm-5am
Tropicana EB, Tropicana I-15 SB ramps to Excalibur Driveway: 1 lane closedJanuary 12, 9pm-5am
Tropicana WB, Tropicana I-15 SB ramps to Dean Martin: 2 lanes closedNightly, January 12, 15 & 16, 9pm-5am
Tropicana WB, between I-15 NB and I-15 SB ramps to Tropicana: 1 lane closedJanuary 17, 9pm-5am
Dean Martin SB, Tompkins to Jerry Lewis: 1 lane closedJanuary 9-13, 9pm-5am
Dean Martin NB, Jerry Lewis to Hotel Rio Dr: 2 lanes closedNightly, January 9-12 & 15-17, 9pm-5am
Dean Martin NB, Palms Center to Jerry Lewis: 2 lanes closedJanuary 12, 9pm-5am
Dean Martin NB, Tropicana to Palms Center: 1 lane closedNightly, January 15-20, 9pm-5am
Dean Martin NB, TownePlace Driveway to Tropicana: 1 lane closedNightly, January 15-20, 9pm-5am
Dean Martin Dr NB, Palm Center Dr to Hotel Rio Dr: 1 lane closedOngoing through February 2023, 24/7
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