ConveneNV 2022: Building on Our Sustainability Momentum

Announcing the return of ImpactNV’s annual sustainability summit, ConveneNV! We have always strived to be comprehensive in our programming by including environmental, social, and economic information, resources, and discussions and to communicate to our audience the breadth and depth of sustainability topics, how they all intersect, and how caring about one necessitates caring about them all because each issue is deeply complex and intimately intertwined with every other issue just as our state’s success is dependent on the ability of our residents to thrive.

We are in an unprecedented time of war, human caused climate change, a health crisis that has become an economic crisis, drought, wildfires, flooding, storms, political division, racial reckoning, and so many other reasons to despair. And yet, every challenge is an opportunity. An opportunity for a call to action to truly come together and create change. An opportunity for innovation, evolution, and optimism about our collective resilience so far and how we can all build upon that momentum in 2022 and beyond.

We are honored to have Senator Chris Brooks as our Master of Ceremonies for ConveneNV 2022, “Building on Our Sustainability Momentum” to help us convene social, economic, and environmental sustainability leaders via three panels for a compelling conversation that recognizes Nevada’s leadership thus far and outlines a path forward for continuing our momentum to address the local, national, and global health, climate, energy, economic, and social imperatives facing us all.

We will announce our full speaker lineup and program details in the coming weeks and look forward to seeing you there!