ACC Director at Work Nationwide on Behalf of Members and all Nevadans

Recently, Bill Wong, a member of the Board of Directors of the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce, traveled to Washington, DC, to advocate for our ACC seniors as well as Nevada seniors across the state who have Medicare Advantage.  He was fighting to keep the Medicare Advantage premiums low and benefits high. 

Getting older comes with its fair share of hurdles, with many retirees struggling to find affordable and reliable health care coverage. Especially as care costs only continue to soar, many seniors often feel helpless and confused about their options.  

For Bill, enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan proved to be the best choice he made for his overall health and wellness. Under Bill’s care plan, his diabetes treatment is a fraction of the cost, and the emphasis on care coordination makes it so easy to stay on top of his appointments. Last year, when an unforeseen medical episode sent him to the hospital for multiple days, his program covered the care that allowed for a speedy and comfortable recovery. 

Along with Bill, over 33 million Americans choose Medicare Advantage for its high-quality and accessible care services. This health program also serves diverse populations across the country, including the larger Asian American community, where 43% of those eligible for fee-for-service Medicare opt for Medicare Advantage instead. We encourage our retired members seeking affordable, high-quality health care to consider Medicare Advantage.  

Click the link to learn more about Bill’s recent DC trip and how Medicare Advantage helps him live life to the fullest: Las Vegas Chinese News Network – Bill Wong