$1 Million Underway to Help Elko County School District Students

CARSON CITY, Nev. – The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) is sub-granting $1 million to Elko County School District to assist non-traditional, at-risk students.

Elko County School District (ECSD) will use the funds to partner with NOLA Education to implement a Star Academy program at Adobe Middle School beginning 2024-25 school year. Star Academy provides turnkey, customizable, comprehensive STEM-inspired, project-based learning curriculum targeting disengaged middle school students. The program will use a hands-on workforce development approach that links standardized curriculum with career opportunities.  The program focuses on over-aged, academically challenged, and at-risk students.

“We are proud to continue to invest in education,” said DETR Director Christopher Sewell. “Investment in educational programs enables a stronger workforce and puts students on career pathways toward a sustainable future. Star Academy has partnered with school districts across 16 states, implementing nearly one hundred academies since its inception and we know it will be successful in Elko County.”

The program will cover four core subjects: math, science, ELA, and social studies. Students are expected to accelerate up to two grade levels in one complete school year, improving school attendance and behavior. The Star Academy is designed to serve up to 80 students during one academic year implementation, which requires students to complete consecutive semesters within the Star Academy.

“We are extraordinarily excited about this wonderful opportunity for our students to benefit from this unique type of instructional design and delivery. We believe that this curriculum solution, focused on instructional recovery and acceleration, will have a much-needed impact with unlocking the potential of this cohort of students and help them stay on track long term for graduation and post-secondary success,” said Elko County School District Superintendent, Clayton Anderson. “We are very grateful to the Governor’s Office and DETR for providing this significant investment in our students. We look forward to realizing just how much this opportunity will enable us to reach new educational heights.”

Following the program’s implementation, NOLA Education will service Elko County School District for three full academic years.

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