Robert Young

Born in Taiwan and immigrated to United States in 1975 and has now lived in las Vegas since 1992. Robert was educated in the University of Texas at Dallas where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate. He then went to the University of California at Los Angeles, and received an EMBA in marketing followed by South Baylor University where he received a MS in Oriental Medicine and lastly Dongguk University at Los Angeles, earning a PhD Candidate on Oriental Medicine. Currently Robert is a funds manager specializing in bringing Chinese capital to United States, investing in commercial real estate such as apartments, office buildings and warehouses. His company began investing in Las Vegas since 2013 and as of April 23, 2016, they became the largest apartment owner in Las Vegas. Total asset under our management is over $4 billion. He joined the ACC in 1994 and was the President from 1995-2000. From 2001-present, Robert serves as Chairman of the Board.